It is Saturday. Justin, Jen and the grandkids left yesterday.

The much loved Admiral hopped the 7 am EcoBaja bus to the airport this morning. Bill Burk and fiancé Rebecca arrive this afternoon along with George Bean.

The Captain stuck to household duties today – picking up laundry, defrosting the freezer, cleaning up a bit for the new crew and drafting a provisioning list for a trip to Walmart tomorrow.

Picking up Laundry: There is a laundromat in the marina staffed by Nancy – The Captain gave bedding, sheets, towels, a week’s clothes and two sleeping bags to Nancy yesterday and picked them up today after paying 360 pesos, about $18, to have them all laundered and folded. The folding is amazing – Nancy could make a fortune making training videos on U-Tube. The Captain has used Nancy many times over the years and has always been delighted with the service. However, today was a lesson in not becoming complacent. There must have been a problem in one of the machines Nancy used as our 4 best boat towels came back looking like a pair of WW2 stockings – you know the ones that always had runs in old movies – a lot of runs. It took a good bit of shearing of loose threads to get them back in presentable form. They must have been smart washers and driers as they only attacked our best towels. As The Captain put the rest of the laundry away he noticed that a pillow case was also missing, one that was part of a matched set of bed linens for the Captain’s bunk. Not a good day for laundry.

Teenage Appetite: Remember when we were young, could eat like horses and never gained an ounce? My granddaughter, Abby, gave quite a demonstration of this concept:


Dinner: It isn’t fair!

On Wednesday, before our family left, we made it to the Ensenada Grande anchorage for some exploration and snorkeling:

EnsenadaGrande has amazing looking rocks surrounding the anchorage. What do you think they look like?

Next week we head 125 miles north on the Sea of Cortez to Loreto. Lots of anchorages a short day hop from each other make for a relatively easy passage north, provided the weather stays settled. The Captain is looking forward to showing the sights to Bill and Rebecca, who have never been to this part of Mexico.

1 thought on “Transitions

  1. OH, NO! Not your best towels.
    Yes, teenagers can consume everything in sight without worrying about what that translates to (like we would)! How much fun is that to watch our family enjoy what we can share with them.
    To me, the rocks look like a dragon’s mouth just waiting for you to get close enough! Enjoy. Kathy & John

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