Mas Lentamente

Snug Harbor has davits that are used to store its inflatable dinghy up over the stern. The dinghy has to be tied down really tight so that it does not move at all when Snug Harbor is at sea. If it moves then the rubber hull gets abraded and then you have an uninflatable inflatable dinghy.

Getting the dinghy not to move requires tying it down with multiple ropes from a number of directions. The Captain thought this would be a lot easier if he installed some cleats on the davits for securing the multiple ropes – so he bought 4 new cleats and thought he would just drill holes in the davits (2 per cleat) and mount the cleats with bolts. Easy peasy!

Well, the cleats needed to be mounted on the beefy 2″ diameter stainless steel tubes that the davits are made from. The Captain drilled the first hole and noted that stainless steel is really hard to drill through. The drill bit cut slowly, got cherry red and self destructed. It took two drill bits to make one hole thru one tube.

The Captain procured 4 new drill bits, but they were no better. 3 more bits up in smoke to drill 1 more hole. At wits end the Captain checked out U-Tube for a lesson on how to drill stainless steel. As Bart Simpson would say, “Doh!”. It turns out the way to drill stainless steel is very slowly, rather than with the drill all revved up. Plus, you dip the bit in a glass of water every few seconds to make sure the drill doesn’t get hot.

Armed with this U-Tube education, the Captain finished drilling all the holes with his last remaining drill bit.

The finished product:

The Captain and the Admiral are off tomorrow to Todos Santos. TS is a delightful old town on the Pacific coast an hours drive from La Paz. We plan to wander around the historic district, spend the night at a local inn, and then head to Cabo the next morning for the flight home.

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