Adios La Paz

The norther arrived Monday and it blew 15 – 30 knots for three days. It was calm by Friday morning when the Captain got on the EcoBaja Tours minibus for the ride to the aeropuerto.

Gary, Chris and Per headed home two days earlier on Wed morning. What a great group of guys! We all much enjoyed each other’s company and cooking (mostly done by Gary). Our time in La Paz was taken up with hikes around town, helping the Captain with boat chores and trying out a variety of restaurants. Our favorite was the cheapest one, Rancho Viejo. We feasted on a varity of mexican dishes and margaritas polished off with flan all around. $75 for the four of us including tips.

It was not long after Snug Harbor arrived at Marina De La Paz that Jacob, a local that worked on Snug Harbor three years ago, showed up – repeatedly. Jacob is persistant. He came by every couple hours asking for work. If there was no work then he just asked for money. After a few days of this the the Captain hired Jacob to wash and wax Snug Harbor and polish all the stainless steel – all to be done just before the Captain returns after Christmas. Jacob got an advance and a bag of groceries to seal the deal. The price – $250 – a huge amount for Jacob, but a small fraction of what it would cost in the US. Jacob left with a big smile saying he was going to get new zapatos (shoes) for Chistmas. The Captain struck a similar deal with Jacob three years ago and Snug Harbor never looked better.

The Captain loves spending time on Snug Harbor in Mexico, but what can be better than going home today to the love of his life, Mitzie.

Adios, until the Captain returns to Snug Harbor after Christmas………

1 thought on “Adios La Paz

  1. I enjoyed “sailing” with you Charley. I can imagine it will be good to come home for a while and be with family. I love that Mexico has put in those wonderful city signs. They are great for pictures and encouraging tourism.

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