Captain Boo Boo

The crew arose this morning and the weather felt weird and ominous. It rained last night and the wind had been shifting all around. There were lots of clouds and the air had a warm balmy feel to it. We all looked at each other and quickly agreed it was time to get out of Dodge before the norther forecast for Monday hit. So we had our coffee and left. Leaving early we had plenty of time to get the 25 miles to La Paz and decided to sail as long as the wind held out.

The Captain raised the mainsail. Once it was about halfway up the crew reported that the mainsail was not attached to the mast. This was due to operator error by the Captain, who had not properly fed the head of the main into the mast. It took about 20 minutes to get it sorted out. Shame on the Captain.

A good breeze had Per smiling while driving Snug Harbor:

Chris caught one fish and threw it back.

The 1350 mile voyage from Alameda to La Paz was completed at 1400 this afternoon when we pulled into our slip at Marina De La Paz. The Captain screwed up again when he was stringing the internet cable from the dockbox to Sung Harbor and he tripped and grabbed a fishing pole for balance. If you are grimacing at hearing another fish hook story – then sorry – the fishing pole just broke in half. The pole was already in poor shape and we didn’t catch any fish with it, so after conferring with the fishing department the Captain decided the pole got what it deserved.

The Captain tasked Gary with tying up Snug Harbor very securely given the coming norther. Gary outdid himself:

The crew took a stroll down the Malecon on the way to dinner and saw a double rainbow:

The Captain found one of his favorite restaurants from prior visits and the crew stuffed themselves with margaritas, mojitos, tuna, arachera, octopus, short ribs and flans all around.

We hiked back to the marina and had to make passage down the dock to Snug Harbor through a group of fellow boaters that were at the tail end of an extended cocktail party. They demanded that we each do a dance to gain passage. We did the best we could.

A couple of shots I like:

Sunrise after leaving Muertos

The Captain taking a swim

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