The Curse of Snug Harbor

On Tuesday we completed our paperwork with Victor. Since Snug Harbor is now officially “entered” into Mexico, we hauled a Mexican flag up to the spreader. The flag has to be flown at a height that is above the American flag Snug Harbor flies of her stern. This signifies that Snug Harbor is submitting to Mexican authority.

By Tuesday a pair of Ospreys had taken up residence on the top of Snug Harbor’s mast. They particularly liked the wind vane, which did not like the weight of these birds. At some point a trip up the mast will be in order to bend the vane back into position. The other downside of what otherwise is a bird watcher’s delight is the copious amount of cement like poop that they cover the deck with every night. Yucch!

Victor also got visas for all our crew. With visas in hand Mike and George flew home on Wednesday and were replaced by Chris James and Per Stomhagen late Wednesday.

While the crew was in transition the Captain and Gary took the local bus into town (fare of $0.65). They got Pesos from the bank and picked up provisions at Sorianas, a chain of Mexican super stores. The store was very nice, felt just like a Walmart and had excellent produce. We stowed the provisions and gave Snug Harbor a thorough cleaning. Then the Captain went with Gary to a tackle shop to see if we could buy some lures that would improve our fishing. We have yet to catch a fish worthy of eating. Gary talked to the owner and got some gear that was “guaranteed” to change our luck. We left the shop pumped up! We were soon going to be feasting on fresh yellowfin and mahi-mahi!

We left Thursday morning at 0830 for Bahia Frailes, about 30 miles up the coast. We put out all our hot new fishing gear, passed over a 100 boats fishing and caught Nada! Hence the “Curse of Snug Harbor”. Gary is determined to break the curse and catch something we can eat. Tomorrow is another day.

We anchored at Frailes and all took a dip in the 84 degree water. Per immediately swam to shore. Gary followed him and met some interesting folks on the beach. Per came back and then took a marathon snorkeling trip. He saw a variety of fish and some coral. Those of us still on board saw a number of Mantas jumping out of the water and landing with crashing belly flops.

Gary made chicken soup for dinner. We plan to leave early tomorrow morning for the 50 mile trip to Bahia de Los Muertos (the Bay of Death). It is actually a very pretty place.

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