Dolphin Hijinx

Snug Harbor upped anchor at 0545 Sunday morning for the 200 mile trip to San Jose Del Cabo. We had calm conditions and smooth seas until midafternoon. The water temperature is now 80 degrees. The sky was clear, the sun was bright and it was hot. Perfect motoring weather. A lot of reading got done.

A half dozen dolphins passed close by with each one of them leaping completely clear of the water to a height of six or eight feet. This went on until they were well behind us. We also saw lots of sea turtles, one even with a baby in tow.

We have no cell or internet connections so we have been watching tropical storm Xavier on our Sirius weather forecast on Snug Harbor’s chart plotter. It is located offshore of Acapulco, about 500 miles south of us, and has gusts to 55 knots. The forecast shows it running out of steam tomorrow. Let’s hope the forecast is right. It makes the Captain feel better that Snug Harbor is headed to a berth for the next three days, rather than anchoring out off the beach in Cabo San Lucas, as he has done in the past.

The wind then built for the rest of the afternoon into the mid to upper teens. We rolled out the jib and picked up some extra speed. After a couple of hours a short and steep quartering sea built up which had Snug Harbor rocking and rolling like crazy from side to side.

The peak of the rocking and rolling occurred when Mike was preparing cheeseburgers with all the fixings on the galley stove. Imagine trying to cook in your kitchen if the floor was wildly tilting from one side to another. Mike pulled it off without any problems and the burgers were as tasty as all of Mike’s other dinners.

We expect to pull into the marina at San Jose Del Cabo by midday tomorrow.

For the engineers: Snug Harbor’s SSB set a distance record last night by beaming yesterday’s blog a couple thousand miles to a ground station in South Carolina.

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