Lying Bahia Santa Maria

Snug Harbor dropped her hook at 0645 Friday morning in Bahia Santa Maria. The log showed 222 miles traveled in 46 hours. We sailed for 31 of those hours and motored or motor sailed the rest. BSM is a seven mile wide bay protected from the north by a 1200 foot high palisade. It is stunning.

Friday’s activities included calling home, catching up on sleep, swimming, reading and taking showers. We ran the water maker twice when we were motoring and arrived with nearly full tanks. Mike’s string of culinary hits continued with spaghetti and homemade meatballs for dinner. We watched “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” after dinner. You should have seen these four old dudes watching this chick flick. We loved it.

We slept in Saturday morning and decided to stay one more day. Our plan had been to sail about 20 miles to Magdalena Bay to an anchorage just inside the inlet to the Bay. However, after studying the charts the Captain concluded that this would be an exposed anchorage to winds from the north (not unusual here). So Snug Harbor stayed put. Rather than being totally lazy, we launched the dinghy and Gary, George and Charley went ashore. We found a small beach not too far from our anchorage. We had to dodge rocks going in and had some small surf on the beach. The Captain told George and Gary to get ready to jump off each side of the dinghy once we went thru the surf and pull it out of the water. A wave caught us and as we accelerated forward the bow dug into the sand due to the weight of the crew up front ready to jump off. The stern kept going and swung around in a broach. We recovered before flipping and just got wet. Its nice when there are no witnesses to Amateur Hour. We went for a hike and then got back off the beach in the dinghy without further embarrassment. We headed back to the boat for more R&R. Mike made Frijoles Americana (bean soup) for dinner. This was a requested repeat performance of a dish Mike made three years ago on Snug Harbor.

We leave tomorrow morning at 0600 for San Jose Del Cabo, a 200 mile trip. We are going to push the pace a bit harder so that we get there by noon on Monday. Snug Harbor will be tied up in the marina there for three days as we get boat and crew paperwork done and debark and embark crew.

2 thoughts on “Lying Bahia Santa Maria

  1. OK, now I see a movie … Charley, a book is your first step, then a playwright can transform it into a movie script. I can see Morgan Freeman or Clint Eastwood being interested because they would love the “old guys” parts, and it would provide both an acting and a directing part for them.

    Meanwhile, have fun! J & K

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