LIfe at Sea and Sea Life

It is 2000 hours on Thursday. We have made 184 miles from Turtle Bay and have roughly 45 miles to go to Bahia Santa Maria. Today was a great day, the kind of day that folks dream about when they buy a boat.

We have had ideal sailing conditions – all broad and beam reaching with plenty of breeze – reaching is when the wind is comes from the side of the boat and when Snug Harbor sails fastest. The seas have calmed way down and Snug Harbor has been gracefully loping along hour after hour.

The skies are clear. We see stars at night. The moon comes out by midnight. It is warm both day and night. Water temp is up to 74 degrees.

And the sea life!! Porpoises accompanied us for most of last night and came out in full force at sunrise. They cruised along side Snug Harbor, played in her bow wave, and flew threw the air. And there were a lot of them! We caught another skipjack and threw it back. A marlin took our lure, took off and ran off with all our line in a flash. Once he was free he made a half dozen leaps in the air – a spectacular silvery sight! We had another 6 or 8 fish on line that got away – two that just took one bite and and left with our lure and leader. We saw multiple sea turtles. They are about 3 feet long,just come swimming along, and often dive when they see us. We saw balls of bait fish with hundreds of birds floating above them and feasting away.

The area we saw the balls of fish was about 30 miles offshore and above a sea mount that reduced the depth to a few hundred fish. We know it was a good spot because we saw two 140 foot party fishing boats there loaded with anglers. For a couple grand you can get a berth on these boats and fish for a week to your heart’s content. The boats were both from San Diego, so as part of the deal you spend a day and half motoring 500 miles south and a similar amount getting home. At least it is quicker than going by sailboat. We were non plused by one of the boats, which manouvered directly in front of our course and dropped and anchor.

Mike made salmon patties for lunch. Wow! We declared them to be in lieu of dinner and just snacked in the evening.

The crew and Captain continue to wear smiles. You would be amazed how chatty four old guys can be.

2 thoughts on “LIfe at Sea and Sea Life

  1. So fun to be hearing your excitement which lets us re-live those very same experiences which now seem so long ago. Keep up the good work!
    – Gary

  2. What a great description of a wonderful adventure. Just like a Disney story! What a reward for all of the planning and hard work that has gone into the trip! My grandson had a shot at a Marlin when we were in Cayman Islands. They are big and strong because they OFTEN get away! But, what fun to watch them flaunting their escape! Enjoy! J & K

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