Next stop Bahia Santa Maria

We upped anchor at 0830 and headed for Bahia Santa Maria which is a 240 mile voyage. The deck wash pump that is used to clean the anchor chain crapped out. Fortunately we were anchored in sand and the chain came up clean. Another project for the Captain.

Light winds were forecast so we planned on motor sailing at an easy 5 knots to save diesel. No need to hurry as going faster would just get us there sometime Thursday night rather than early Friday morning. By 1125 the wind picked up from the west. This gave us a good sailing angle and we killed the diesel. The sky was cloudless and we had a beautiful sunny sail. Later in the afternoon the wind grew to the upper teens and Snug Harbor kicked up her skirts and started to fly. It is now 1800 and we are still sailing. If we hold this pace then we will get to Bahia Santa Maria sometime Thursday night in the dark. The best laid plans… So far we have made 55 miles.

Fortunately BSM is a huge bay (7 miles across) that is easy to enter at night. We have done this before, so we will cope. It is protected from the prevailing northwest breeze by a 1200 foot high palisade and is a secure place to stop.

The water temp is up to 72 degrees and we are now catching more fish. We landed two mackeral and three skipjacks today. None good eating so we threw them all back. It is fun reeling them in.

Mike made meatballs today for a spaghetti feast tonight. Yum! However, along with the stronger winds came bigger seas. No way was Mike going to boil a big pot of water to fix the pasta as Snug Harbor yawed back and forth. We settled for tunafish sandwiches.

The captain and crew are all doing well and continuing to enjoy each others company.

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