Gale Warning!

One of the things you learn about cruising in a sailboat is that your schedule needs to be subservient to the weather gods.  Weather forecasting has improved a lot, and while it is not perfect, it can help you avoid a lot of nasty conditions. The latest forecast has it blowing at gale force north of San Francisco and gusting up to 35 knots between San Francisco and Point Sur through Sunday night. After that it calms down.

So the Captain made a command decision and postponed departure until Monday morning.  Snug Harbor will now head straight for Catalina Island, a 375 mile trip, and expect to get there Wednesday afternoon. We will spend two days at Catalina and then leave in the wee hours of Friday morning for the 85 mile trip to our berth in Chula Vista at the head of San Diego Bay.

If you would like to track Snug Harbor’s progress down the coast go to and search for Snug Harbor. You can either do this on your PC or download the free app on your smartphone or tablet. Snug Harbor has an AIS (“Automatic Identification System”) transponder on its mast which continuously transmits it position when we are underway. The Marine Traffic app has pretty good coverage and you should be able to locate us for much of the trip down the California coast. It will show you where we are on the map, our track and our current speed and direction. Amazing, huh?


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