Snug Harbor is now back in Alameda and the captain has had some time to reflect on his travels to La Paz and  back.

Since the last post snug Harbor completed its trip back to San Francisco without drama. Winds were light and motoring the last leg north was easy. We left San Diego at 10 on a Friday morning, motored 24/7 and pulled into Snug Harbor’s slip in Alameda at 4 Monday morning. 

We saw a lot of whales on this last leg. On an early morning watch Charley saw an Orca going nuts – jumping out of the water – doing flips – quite a thrilling commotion. Later on that day we saw spouts galore – probably a hundred or so – as we passed a large pod of whales.

Seventeen friends joined Snug Harbor over the course of the cruise. Three of them came more than once. Eight had also been on Snug Harbor during the 2011/12 cruise. Without the participation of all these great friends the trip would not have been possible or any where near as much fun as otherwise. The captain greatly apreciates the efforts made by so many friends to join him and crew on Snug Harbor.

The Mexico cruise covered 3,400 nautical miles – equal to 4,000 statute miles. The majority of time underway we were under power and we put about 500 hours on the diesel. We had pretty good breezes when we came down the Baja coast and had two separate days where we made 150 miles a day without using the engine at all. 

We anchored out for 48 nights total. The solar cells and wind generator took care of all our power needs for all except a couple of overcast days.

We had our share of equipment breakdowns – watermaker leaking like crazy – tearing the just repaired mainsail – breaking the boom furler and travelor one dark and windy night – steering cables coming loose – autopilot coming loose of its mounts – spinnaker halyard getting lost at the top of the mast – vacuum leaks in the aft head. We were generally able to effect repairs, often at sea or in the middle of no where, which was a great source of satisfaction to the captain.

The best part of the trip, after the time with friends and family, were the ever friendly Mexicans. Having learned a little spanish and being able to communicate a bit in their language was most rewarding.

La Paz and the Sea of Cortez were particularly to the captan’s liking. La Paz for its cooler climate and not being a tourist town overrun with gringos. It was cool ever night and we never suffered for the lack of air conditioning. The Sea of Cortez for its clear water, abundant sea life and spectacular anchorages with lots of room and good holding. 

Because of all the motoring and his advancing years, the captain pondered going to the Dark Side and converting to a power boat. After much thought, the Captain concluded sailing was too much fun to give up, particularly on San Francisco Bay, and made a command decision to do nothing.

Will Snug Harbor return again to Mexico? Certainly not for the winter of 2016/17. If health and a sufficient number of friends are still interested, then maybe 2017/18.

3 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. Great summary, Captain! Perhaps you could consider one of the float-on/float-off services to ship Snug Harbot to the South Pacific, New Zealand, or Australia if the Mexico adventure becomes too tame.

  2. We are glad you had a most successful & interesting sail to Mexico.  It was most enjoyable receiving your messages,thank you for putting us on your post!  We wish you a great visit to the east coast with your family!   See you in Church!  Fondly, Lois and Jerry

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