Midnight Watch

It is Friday and the Captain has the midnight to 3 am watch. A good time to reflect on the last couple of days of good fortune. 

You may be thinking “The midnight watch – ycch!”.  It is not like that at all. It is beautiful out here. The winds are light, sea state pretty calm and Snug Harbor is knocking off the miles at an easy lope. Catalina Island is in the rear view mirror. It is clear and I can see the lights of southern Califirnia reflected off the scattered cloud cover. We have the full enclosure up so the cockpit is dry and quite pleasant. Fleece pants and a light jacket and one is toasty. We are 20 miles offshore and have the luxury of cell and internet coverage. Not too much shipping traffic so there are minimal “dodge em” activities to worry about. A good time to update the blog.

Snug Harbor is running parallel to the shipping lanes toward Santa Barbara. Just before we get to Anacapa Island, we will jog to the right to cross the shipping lanes as quickly as possible – it takes an hour as the lanes are about 5 miles across – and then jog left to continue our journey north.

Since the Mexican Navy hailed us Wednesday morning at Cedros Island  we have had near perfect conditions for going north – calm seas and, for much of the time, a good slant on the wind that allows us to motor sail – increasing our speed, comfort and gas mileage. We arrived in San Diego at 0800 hours Friday morning and enjoyed a rain storm that helped dispense with 900 miles of salt spray. 

We cleared customs, refueled, went to a deli to get breakfast burritos and some sandwiches and headed back out by 1000 hours. Except for some scattered squalls and rain the forecast looks excellent for the trip north. We even expect southerly breezes for a good part of the trip, which will allow us to get a lot of motorsailing in. We plan to arrive in Alameda sometime Monday.

The rain from a passing cold front made for great clouds all day – a joy to take in from our perch offshore.

Sunset over Catalina Island  

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