Highs and Lows

Since my last post we had a really awful 6 hours at night banging into short steep waves making only slow progress and burning more precious diesel. We were feeling pretty low. However at 0430 hours the wind and oncoming swell both abated and veered to one side. Charley was on watch and he set the jib and Snug Harbor took off – motor sailing at 7 – 8 knots and charging ahead like a freight train with the added sail changing the ride from a sharp hobby horse to one of smoothly loping along over the waves. The captain’s mood was instantly brightened!

The great ride lasted for about an hour before the wind died. We continued to make good progress as the seas calmed with the lower winds and we were all feeling pretty good about making it to Turtle Bay by early afternoon. By noon, the wind came up again and we slowed back down as Snug Harbor pounded into increasing seas. We finally anchored in Turtle Bay at 1600 on Tuesday. We had about a dozen gallons of diesel left out of the 140 gallons we left Cabo with.

Once in Turtle Bay we called on the radio for Enrique who sells diesel to cruisers. No answer. Bummer! However, then we got a call from a cruiser that was anchored out who said that it was Enrique, Jr. that delivers fuel he had probably gone home for the day and would likely be back in the morning. This would kill our plan to leave early in the morning, but at least we knew we could get fuel. A bit later we heard from Enique, Jr. Apparently, Enique, Sr. had heard the radio call and when Enrique, Jr got home Sr. told Jr. to go take care of the customer. Enrique Jr. and a buddy arrived in their panga about an hour later and delivered 120 gallons of diesel to Snug Harbor in the anchorage. They were pleasant to deal with and they treated us fairly.

We reviewed the forecast from Commanders Weather which looked good, but not great – projecting 10 – 20 knots for most of the trip to San Diego and decided to leave before sun up Wednesday. We made water, took showers, had a good dinner, retired early and slept like babies.

It is now 1500 hours Wednesday. We left Turtle Bay at 0400 hoping to avoid taking a beating in the afternoon breezes at Cedros Island, which is an acceleration zone where winds often double in velocity relative to the surrounding breezes. Fortunately, the winds have been much lower than forecast and we have been making great progress under motor all day.

The crew are all wearing smiles again – chatting, snoozing, reading and blogging.

Hopefully the light winds will hold…..

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