Cabo Zig Zag

The latest forecast shows a weather window for departure opening up by Saturday. It looks like a day or two of barely acceptable headwinds (10-20 knots) followed by a couple of light air days. If the forecast holds this will give us a non stop 3 day run to Turtle Bay, a little more than half way up the coast of Baja.

Today we went into town to check the boat into Cabo. We first visited the Port Captain’s office to let him know we had entered his domain. The office was a good hike from the harbor as it is not located on the waterfront. That went smoothly as we had all the necessary paperwork (written release from the La Paz Port Captain, documentation papers for Snug Harbor, a crew list and copies of everyone’s passports).

Next we headed to the API office at the far end of the marina to get permission to anchor out in the harbor.  We hunted around a bit until we found the building. An employee there told us we were in the wrong place and that we needed to go to the Marina Office at the other end of the harbor, about a mile hike around the marina. During the hike we were offered cuban cigars, jewelry, T-Shirts, water taxi rides, cab rides, places to eat, and fishing trips more times than I can remember by the enterprising entrepreneurs that blanket the marina area. 

Naturally, when we got to the designated office the staff told us we were in the wrong place and that we needed to go back to the API office we had just come from. We reversed course and tacked back thru the fleet of entrepreneurs. “No, gracias.” is now etched into my brain.

After asking for directions multiple times, we got back to the same desk we were at an hour before. This time we were  escorted to another building and up a flight of unmarked stairs to an office. We struck gold! It was the right place. The API employees were gracious and even spoke a little english. We paid a 200 peso fee (~$12 dollars) and got a letter and receipt authorizing our stay. Snug Harbor is now a legal visitor in Cabo and authorized to anchor off the beach.

After that we found a nice family restaurant and feasted on Dorado washed down with giant mugs of jugo de naranja (fresh squeezed orange juice).

We are back on the boat now, lazing around until we watch another movie tonight. Last night we watched “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”, which was well done and kept us all awake trying to figure out all the plot twists and turns.

All in all, not a bad day.

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