Cabo San Lucas

Stu and Julie Conway joined the Captain for the trip south from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas. 
Charley and Stu went to high school together and are sailing buddies that have spent a lot of time over the years on each other’s sailboats.

We spent a couple days in La Paz, a couple days anchored out at Ensenada Grande swimming and hiking and three days making the 150 mile passage to Cabo San Lucas. We stopped for the night at two anchorages on the way south, Los Muertos and Bahia Frailes.

While we were in Muertos we met a retired guy who had constructed the ultimate conversation starter. With his car, a couple six packs of beer and interested onlookers he was a happy camper.

Muertos also had a nice restaurant where we enjoyed dinner off the boat. 
Julie headed back to New Jersey the day after we arrived at Cabo. George Bean rejoined us in Cabo.

George, Stu and Charley will be doing the dreaded “Baja Bash” back to San Francisco in Snug Harbor. The “Bash” is a 1250 mile trip up the Pacific coast – into the wind, waves and current. Currently the conditions are too severe (20+ knot headwinds with steep waves) for us to make any headway – so we are twidling our thumbs in Cabo waiting for a weather window where we can head north without the stuffing getting beaten out of us.  

Here is George boning up on “The Baja Bash II” book, which has lots of good advice on how to take on and survive the arduous journey north.

With the current forecast it looks like we are stuck in Cabo for a week. We are hoping it it will change for the better and we can get going sooner. Until then we will subsist on tasty seafood, reading and tall tales.

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