Attacked by my Dermotologist 

About two weeks before Mitzie and I headed back to La Paz I checked in with my dermotologist to have a spot on my ear looked at. I figured she would hit it with some liquid nitrogen and I would be off for some more froliking in the sun south of the border. Wrong! She cut the spot out of my ear and gave me the “Cream” with instructions to apply it to my face twice a day for two weeks – right up until the night before we left.  The “Cream” routs out all those pre cancerous cells, turns them red and sore and makes a general mess of your face. Following is how I looked a few days before the Cream really kicked into action.   
I was afraid that immigration would refuse me entrance to Mexico for fear that I had some kind of communicable disease. Fotunately they let me in. Much credit goes to Mitzie who has continued to accompany me in public. After my face finishes falling off, I hope to be looking semi normal sometime in the future.

On Thursday, we met our friends John and Dorothy Terrill in La Paz and had great fun trying new restaurants and going for a three day cruise on Snug Harbor. The Terrills are full of life and are always up for a new adventure – they are great company.

Warning! – the following section violates my rule not to put pictures of my food on the blog! Please feel free to skip it if you are offended.

Our first day in La Paz we hoofed it over to a tiny restaurant, Tirimisou, which specializes in pasta. Tirimisou is a one man show run by an Italian that went to cooking school in Barcelona. He cooks, he takes your order, he serves you and he buses the table. We sat at the only table in the restaurant, which was on the sidewalk. I had fetticini carbonara along with some of Mitzie’s ravioli and it was the best I have tasted, period.

  All four of us had similar meals. Along with drinks and tip the entire bill came to $20. We plan to take all our guests.

We have been sampling many restaurants and have yet to be disappointed. Food is great, prices are low and the waiters are some of the friendliest souls on earth.

On Saturday, we headed out in Snug Harbor to the Ensenada Grande Anchorage on Isla Partida, about a half day trip from Marina De La Paz. If you can imagine what the Grand Canyon would look like if it were flooded, you will have a pretty good idea of the anchorages in the Sea of Cortez. 

We spent the second night at El Cardoncito, a V – shaped cliff bounded anchorage with room for  one boat. We anchored at the head of the V with steep cliffs about 300 feet to each side of us and a sandy beach at the tip of the V. You need to be quiet when you are here unless you want hear a lot of echoes.

The third night we moved to Caleta Partida where the following photo was taken while we were beach combing. Caleta Partida was originally the crater of a volcano, before it eroded and filled with water over the eons. John and Charley had a swim in the 70 degree water.


 The Terrills left on the EcoBajaTours bus for the three hour ride to the Cabo airport the next morning. While we were waiting for them to board, one of Mitzie’s ear rings fell off and dropped through a metal  grate over a storm drain. The ever helpful Mexicans brought me a stick with which I was able to fish out the ear ring. 
After the Terrill’s left, Charley attended to some maintenance items on Snug Harbor. Most exciting was the boom furling system which has never been right since we did all those slam jibes at night in high winds during the Baja Ha Ha.  I had noticed that the mast mounted track for the boom furled mainsail had turned into a wavy curleque and jammed into the lower stop on the mast. I went up the 65′ foot tall mast in the bosun’s chair and found that the plastic track had sheared off just below the mast top fitting. The Captain earned his stripes by hack sawing off the broken piece at mast top and then winching the track back up the mast and reinstalling it in the mast top fitting. It took four trips up and down the mast, a lot of silicon lube and hammering on the so called “sliders” that attach the plastic mainsail track to the mast and steady work by Mitzie yo-yoing me up and down the mast. Thank god I didn’t drop the hammer, or the hacksaw or the electric drill from the mast-top. Fortunately there are no waves in Marina La Paz so I didn’t have to deal with side to side action at mast top!

We head back to California tomorrow and will return to La Paz on March 10.


4 thoughts on “Attacked by my Dermotologist 

  1. Charley, you are brave to post that picture. Paul has been through that but on the top of his head a few times. I’ve see this on several of the men at church too–mainly on the top of their heads. A good lady friend of mine is sequestered in her house because she is going through the skin treatment. I should. Bravo for you! Loved your post. SOoo looking forward to those cruises and that wonderful food!

  2. Hope you guys can get up to Puerto Escondito and points north…you’ll love it…especially when the water warms up. Have fun!

  3. nice to hear from you about your exploits there in Mexico, glad to hear what you have been doing.We pray for your safe travels and your face returns to normal health.  Sincerely, Jerry and Lois

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